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Cocktail Smoker

Create a Smoked Whiskey, Smoked Manhattan, Smoked Old Fashioned, and other cocktails from the convenience of your home. Add natural smoke flavor to your favorite foods quickly and indoors. This includes smoked steak, burgers, shrimp, popcorn, ice cream and more.
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Easy Ways to Use the Cocktail Smoker

Use any type of cover you have at home such as Plastic Wrap or a large bowl! Or utilize a Dome Cloche or Cup Lids (sold separately) to make it even easier to create your Smoked Cocktails.

Includes Everything you need to get Started

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
David Peterson

It didn't show up

Russ Whisenhunt

This is a great smoker! It is everything that I expected.

John M
Excellent smoker overall.

The smoker is excellent. However, you need to manually secure the lid flat on the glass so smoke does not escape. The rubber hose requires this.

josh hagin

This worked great for our old fashions wife loved them and was pumped, worth every penny, can't waitb to try other flavors. Thank you

Matt McGlothlin
Just do it

So, after paying through the nose for smoked old fashioneds at our favorite local bar, I finally got smart and purchased the smoker they're using there.... the EMBR. Having already tasted it in action, I went all in ... bought the 2-lid pack, the dome, the sampler chips and.... haven't been disappointed in the least. I've now smoked port, sherry, bourbon, rye, Licor 43, popcorn, cheese, hummus... you name it. A can of chips will last you a long time. The gun is well-made and easy to clean; they even included a spare screen for the wood chip cup. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. My only suggestion would be for the company to bundle their products in one "deluxe kit" simply for ease of ordering. Trust me, you'll want it all.

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